Thirty-One & Kyleigh’s Gift

If you didn’t see the announcement in my last post, we have obtained the web address, for our blog. WordPress will redirect you if you continue to use the blog address, but why not get in the habit of typing in kyleighsgift?! Take a minute to look around, as we have added a few new pages … Kyleigh’s Gift Fund and March for Babies. The blog can also be accessed from a link on the homepage. Tell me what you think and check back often for other updates or new additions to Kyleigh’s webpage!

Speaking of the Kyleigh’s Gift Fund, we have teamed up with a consultant from Thirty-One to offer a fundraiser for The Liberty Hospital Foundation – Kyleigh’s Gift! Instead of retyping everything here, go to the Kyleigh’s Gift Fund page to read about our first project through Kyleigh’s Gift and how you can help by purchasing a Thirty-One Large Utility Tote!

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