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Caring Cradle

On May 11, 2018, a Caring Cradle was donated to the Liberty Hospital Birthing Center by Liberty Hospital Foundation – Kyleigh’s Gift Fund.

Kyleigh’s parents, Foundation staff, Birthing Center staff and hospital chaplain, Rev. Dr. Carmen Lile-Henley, joined together to dedicate the Caring Cradle. Rev. Lile-Henley wrote a responsive reading and everyone placed hands on the Caring Cradle during the blessing.

The Caring Cradle is a device that allows a dignified means for parents and families to spend more time with a baby who has passed. This support tool allows families an appropriate atmosphere to say goodbye to their baby.

Thank you to Liberty Hospital Foundation, Caring Cradle and United States Cooperative Caring Campaign Initiative-SOBBS for working together to give families the gift of time during the hardest time of their lives.

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