It’s DIAPER Time … Year #7!

In honor of Kyleigh’s 9th Birthday, we are hosting a DIAPER Drive from April 5-19. This is our seventh year of remembering Kyleigh through the gift of DIAPERS. Over 100,000 DIAPERS have been collected since the DIAPER Drive began in 2015. Last year, the DIAPER Drive began just as the world was shutting down due to COVID-19. DIAPERS were hard to come by, often being out of stock or purchases were limited to 1-2 packages. The drop-off locations were canceled, limiting our options to online shopping only. We debated canceling the DIAPER Drive altogether so as to not take the stock away from those who needed it in the moment. Then we decided to carry on since so many rely on DIAPERS every day of the year, and we wanted to help provide for that need in the days, weeks and months ahead. We weren’t sure what to expect. Well, as always, you all blew us out of the water! The 2020 DIAPER Drive collected a total of 30,051 DIAPERS!!! During a pandemic of all things. That brought our all time total to over 100,000 DIAPERS! We continue to be amazed year after year as so many join together to donate DIAPERS!

The need for DIAPERS has increased over the last 12 months, just within the walls of Liberty Hospital. From July-December 2019, 9,450 DIAPERS were given to families in need. That is 126 bundles of 75 DIAPERS. During this same time period in 2020, 199 bundles were given to families, equaling 14,925 DIAPERS. It is clear that COVID-19 has put an additional strain on many families. More and more families are seeking assistance and we want to be there for them.

This year’s DIAPER Drive will look very similar to last year. We will not have community drop-off locations, but we will provide you with ways to help spread the word and ideas on how to hold a mini-DIAPER Drive of your own. The more people we can reach, the more DIAPERS we can provide to those in need. Watch for more information coming soon, as well as, a DIAPER Drive FAQ.

Join us for this year’s DIAPER Drive, April 5-19, to honor Kyleigh on her birthday and to help provide this basic health need for so many infants and toddlers.

How can you donate?

1) Order online:

Amazon Wish List:

Target Wish List:

Wal-Mart List:

Diapers will be shipped directly to us when you choose the Kyleigh’s Gift shipping address. Personalize a gift receipt if you want to include your name or a special message, otherwise, the diapers are sent anonymously.

2) Online Donations

Liberty Hospital Foundation – Kyleigh’s Gift Diaper Drive

Online monetary donations are also accepted and will go towards the purchase of additional DIAPERS in size newborn and size one. All online donations are handled through Liberty Hospital Foundation.

Thank you for helping us remember our baby girl on her 9th Birthday while keeping babies clean and dry!

Learn more:
Kyleigh’s Gift on Facebook                 

Liberty Hospital Foundation~Kyleigh’s Gift Fund:

**Please note that this is not an actual event that you attend. The dates of the event denote the days that we are collecting diapers and you may donate at any time during those dates.

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