A Month of Kyleigh

Today marks the end of a month … a month of Kyleigh. We started the month by celebrating her birthday and ended it today by walking in the March for Babies, to benefit the March of Dimes. It has been a busy month full of a lot of activities and a lot of emotion. It marks the end of our first year without Kyleigh with us here on Earth. We have been shown lots of love and support over this past month. Now that it’s over, our bodies and minds can rest.

I heard a woman say one time within this past year that the month of June was always a month full of sadness for her because that was the month that her baby died. She talked about how she was in a bad mood throughout most of the month and not any fun to be around. At the time, I was fresh in my grief and thought, “I don’t want to spend the rest of my April’s feeling that way, but that must be what it’s going to be like.”

I now know that doesn’t have to be the case. The month of April is a time to celebrate Kyleigh. It is a time to share her short life here on Earth with others. It is also a time to share what she is doing to change the lives of so many from heaven.

I have a lot to write about from this past month. It will come to you in stages, as I have the energy to write it all down. For now, here is a picture of the Kyleigh’s Gift team … close to 30 people who came to be with us today and walk for Kyleigh!

We walk for Kyleigh ~ Kyleigh's Gift Team 2013

We walk for Kyleigh ~ Kyleigh’s Gift Team 2013

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