New Year’s Source

I’ve been meaning for quite some time to write brief thoughts on the Scriptures themselves. Today, as we reflect on the past year and wonder about what’s to come, is the perfect day to consider where our resolutions come from.  Consider the following that John Wesley wrote nearly 250 years ago:

“I beg leave to propose a short, clear and strong argument to prove the divine inspiration of the Holy Scriptures. The Bible must be the invention either of good men or angels, bad men or devils, or of God.

  1. It could not be the invention of good men or angels; for they neither would nor could make a book, and tell lies all the time they were writing it, saying, ‘Thus saith the Lord,’ when it was their own invention.
  2. It could not be the invention of bad men or devils; for they would not make a book which commands all duty, forbids all sin, and condemns their souls to hell to all eternity.
  3. Therefore, I draw this conclusion, that the Bible must be given by divine inspiration.”

The Works of John Wesley, Vol 11, A Clear and Concise Demonstration of the Divine Inspiration of the Holy Scriptures, Pg. 484

Certainly this isn’t an original thought with Wesley, I just really like the way that he proves it. The Bible itself offers yet a more concise version of the same…

“All Scripture is inspired by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, for training in righteousness.” (2 Tim 3:16)

In this case righteousness and holiness are nearly synonymous. If a Christians’ goal is to reflect or radiate the light of Christ in all things, then our actions must be grounded in the Scriptures. As you consider what goals you would like to accomplish or more importantly, how you will choose to set those goals, please consider Prayer, Scripture and Service as foundational in determining how you will spend your time in the year ahead.

I’d be remised if I didn’t suggest a method that has brought great joy to our family over this past year. Our community service, or the ways by which we enrich the lives of others, has been the primary way by which we have coped, laughed, cried and enjoyed time over this past year. If you have not experienced this joy, or if it’s been some time since your last experience, you should find a way to serve. Contrary to opinion, we were made for fellowship. Fellowship with those inside and outside of the Church. All people, no matter race, religion, creed, economy or political view were designed to live in harmony. Our words and actions either build toward harmony or tear it apart. There’s no middle ground. Resolve this year to be a builder through service and be surprised by the joy of your attitude rather than depressed by the cynicism of your mind.

In Christ,


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