Even the smallest of hearts

I’ve talked before about those nuclear bombs that go off when you least expect it. Well, tonight it seems those are shared by the youngest in our family as well. After prayers, Garrison started crying as if he was in pain. The sort of cry we hear we he falls & scrapes his knee or stumbles on the steps. He’s 3 & quite the bruiser so he’s used to a good deal of punishment, but this was different. It was the cry of a broken heart. A special & terrible cry that I dread the most. I hate it because there’s nothing I can do about it. Through his tears he asked when Kyleigh would come home. It was at that moment that the bomb went off on Leann & I as well. She held him & we assured him again of the promise that she is with Jesus & that one day, when its our turn to join them, we will see her again. He settled down & is now safely asleep & I pray the Author of our dreams will assure him in a way that only He can. Won’t you pray with me?


2 thoughts on “Even the smallest of hearts

  1. It’s excruciating to wait for that day as an adult; I can’t imagine how much more as a child. Praying hard alongside you and for everyone in your family.

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