Always With Us

Our family returned last night from a trip to Colorado. We spent six days enjoying the beauty of nature around us by hiking around Castle Rock, riding a train through the Royal Gorge, watching rock climbers at Garden of the Gods, driving up Pikes Peak, viewing elk in the Rocky Mountain National Park, skipping rocks in creeks, lakes, rivers and waterfalls. Our goal of this trip was to spend as much time outside as possible. I think we achieved our goal!

Being in nature always makes us think of Kyleigh a little bit more. Being surrounded by God’s creation makes us feel just that much closer to her. I have had other people express this to me, as well. There is just something about climbing up a mountain and walking around a huge rock or hiking up a trail and discovering a waterfall, then hiking a little bit further to find the source of that waterfall that makes me feel more connected with God, my family and life. We truly had an amazing trip.

In the first days, weeks and months without Kyleigh, everywhere we went was a reminder that she wasn’t with us. That feeling has faded over time, although I do not think it ever goes away. There were times on our trip where I caught myself thinking, “If Kyleigh were with us she would be …” When I think these thoughts, I have to stop myself. Kyleigh is with us. She may not be physically present, but she is always with us. Sometimes she is a little more present than others …

All of us at Castle Rock

All of us at Castle Rock

2 thoughts on “Always With Us

  1. How true- she is always with you!

    I love that little sun ray shining over you and your boys.

    (Found your blog from comments you left on the Sufficient Grace Facebook page <3)

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