Freddie the Frog

Rodger was in conversation with one of our pastor’s this week and told him that we are doing whatever we can to find joy in all we do. I think this will bring a little joy to your heart, just as it did to ours …

Oliver got to bring home Freddie the Frog from preschool today for a sleepover. Don’t worry, Freddie is a small, stuffed green frog, not a slimy, jumping green frog. He was so excited to share his afternoon with Freddie! Part of bringing Freddie home includes recording their adventures together. This is what Oliver told me to write in Freddie’s notebook:

We ate a grilled cheese lunch together. And also then we went to Union Station. We saw a Lego model train. Then we saw more model trains, Thomas and Friends model train and James model train. And more model trains, like HO scale trains, Army model train and little steam engines. Also passenger engines and diesel ones. More Thomas and Friends with Annie and Clarabelle. Freddie saw real diesel engines outside on the bridge that goes over train tracks. We saw the circus diesel engine cars with horses and elephants. Horses came off first and elephants were last. Freddie and I saw the elephants and horses walk down the street on their way to the circus. We also saw the Amtrak train at Union Station. We ate a snack on the railroad bridge over train tracks. And we saw a model subway train under the train table with people and doors that didn’t open.

Freddie went to dinner with me and my family to Spin Pizza. He liked the olive pizza and the blueberry ice cream. He liked the water. I showed Freddie my new Santa train puzzle. We rode on the wagon with Garrison. Freddie and I talked a lot today. He likes to say “ribbit!”

Freddie and I had a very busy day. It’s time for his pretend shower. We will have a fun night and do some more in the morning. Freddie will sleep in my bed with me and my bear and monkey. And that’s all that we did.


The best part about the whole thing is on the way home from dinner, Oliver was telling us about how whenever he sees a frog, it reminds him to Fully Rely On God. And some people think all kids do in preschool is color.


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