I have been on an organizing kick lately. We moved almost one year ago and still have things in boxes. Oliver heard the Berenstein Bear book about Helping Those in Need the other day and told me we needed to clean out and donate … he said our house was full of too much “stuff!” I agree. My problem is that I jump from one thing to the next and can’t quite seem to finish cleaning out and organizing one area before moving on to another. Maybe that’s a good thing because now I can go into almost any room of the house, including the garage, and see a little progress.

One area that I am also organizing is on Facebook. I have decided to create a FB Page titled “Kyleigh’s Gift.” This will hopefully be a place where these posts will appear, instead of my personal FB page. I also hope that it will be a way for others to connect through Kyleigh and a place where people will feel comfortable leaving their thoughts and comments. I know that a lot of people read our blog through Facebook and this just seems a logical way to create some organization out of chaos right now.

So this entry is really just a test to see if this works. You can reach the FB page by going to, Sign in or create a Facebook account and then Like “Kyleigh’s Gift” to receive updates.

One thought on “Organizing

  1. I’m so glad you set up a facebook page in tribute to your little angel. Maybe it will be a help during times when you’re not feeling “strong” and an inspiration to others. Take care.

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