Grief has a way of connecting people to eachother. And I’m not talking about an “I’m sorry your dog died” kind of connection. I’m talking about an “I hurt because you hurt” kind of connection. We all know someone who has died. It’s life. But not everyone has experienced the kind of grief that cuts to the core and rips your heart out. For those of us who have, there is a connection. There is empathy beyond any understanding. You feel nothing but hurt and pain for those who have lost someone so dear to them. Even when the circumstances surrounding your losses are different, you understand. You have been there.

A lot of people have grieved with us and for us these past five weeks. Many understand. Many do not. One who does understand is a childhood friend of mine. After attending a few years of grade school together and being in the same Brownie troop, this friend moved and changed schools. We ended up going to the same high school, but in a graduating class of over 600, it’s hard to connect. We reconnected through Facebook awhile back, but only on a surface level, as with most Facebook friends. I now have a much deeper connection with this friend. An “I hurt because you hurt” connection.

Thank you friend for your words, love and prayers. These words have sustained me over the past few days, for she says it so much better then I can … take a moment to read them here The Mommy Earth.

One thought on “Connected

  1. And thank you, Leann. This is a beautiful blog.

    It’s strange how things work out, isn’t it? We’d never have guessed as little girls what life would bring, and I’m glad we didn’t know, but our lives have been loosely connected all this time and now here we are — both part of a club no one wants to be in. Maybe it’s so we could be here for each other. God knows, but I’m glad to have you as a friend.

    I know this Mother’s Day likely won’t be easy. You’re still in my prayers.

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