One Month

Dear Kyleigh,

It has been one month since you left us to be with Jesus. It has been the fastest month of our lives, as well as the slowest. The days drag on and on, but as a whole, the past month has flown by. Much like the way it does when someone has a baby and gets to bring them home from the hospital. I don’t remember much from the first month of Oliver or Garrison’s lives, as I was in a fog from lack of sleep and being overwhelmed by motherhood. I don’t remember much about your first month in heaven, as I am in a fog from being overwhelmed by my new title “a mother who has lost a child.”

We brought you flowers today and are doing what we can to enjoy the day at home with your brothers. We love you and we miss you. Happy One Month Birthday, my sweet baby girl!!



2 thoughts on “One Month

  1. Oh how I love you my friend…oh how my heart breaks again each day with you my friend…oh how He loves you my friend.

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