Diaper Need

Ten times. Ten times in the last month I panicked because I ran out of diapers. That’s more than twice a week that I didn’t have a clean diaper to put on my baby. That’s ten times that my baby had to sit in a dirty diaper longer than usual because I knew if I changed them as soon as the diaper was wet or soiled, then I’d run out way before the month was over. And I don’t get paid for another week. But at least it wasn’t as bad as last month when I ran out halfway through the month because the baby got sick and needed more diapers than usual. I had to borrow from my neighbor then, but her baby is a lot smaller than mine, so the diapers didn’t fit very well. She told me not worry about paying her back, but I feel guilty because now she is without the diapers she needs.

There is not a grocery store close enough to walk to, and since my car broke down three months ago, I have to rely on someone else to take me to the store. And the diapers there are so expensive anyway. It’s cheaper to buy a bigger box, but we need food too, so I can’t even do that. Plus, I’m trying to save a little bit extra each paycheck so I can get my car fixed. I hope next month is better. Everyone keeps telling me that as my baby gets older, they won’t need their diaper changed as often. I hope that’s true.

Or maybe it happened this way…

Three kids. Three kids under the age of three. That’s three kids in diapers at the same time. For a long time. I don’t know how we’re going to do it.

That wasn’t our plan. We didn’t expect our first pregnancy would result in twins, and then that we’d be expecting again so soon. My husband had a good job. I did too. Daycare is so expensive that we decided I should quit my job and stay home. It was working out well. Sure, we couldn’t go on any big vacations or buy expensive clothes, but with two year old twins, where would we go? Three months ago, my husband got laid off from his job. The next week, I found out I was pregnant. I’m starting to panic because he can’t find a job and our savings is slowly being depleted.

We have everything we’ll need for the new baby. Except diapers. And we can barely afford to put diapers on the twins. I’m starting to panic because I’m afraid I’m going to have to choose between buying diapers for my baby or buying diapers for the twins.

Or maybe it happened this way…

One time. One time I panicked because we were out of diapers. One time over the course of three children. Let’s say all three of my children were done with diapers on their 3rd birthday, that’s 108 total months of somebody in diapers. And only one time I ran out.

But when I ran out, I sent my husband to the store to buy more.

It seems silly that I panicked, but there were always diapers in the house. And if not in the house, there was always a handful in the diaper bag. And if the diaper bag was empty, there was for sure an extra one or two in the car. And I always knew this well in advance of running out, so when the stack got low at home, I knew a trip to Target or the grocery store was in order because I didn’t want to be without diapers. Because all parents know that as soon as you get low and say, “oh, we can make it one more day,” a stomach bug hits and all of a sudden you need 10 diapers within 2 hours. So we always made sure we had diapers.

And that time I panicked because I couldn’t find that one more diaper? I don’t even remember which baby that was with because I knew at the end of the day, we’d have diapers again.


While we all wish the last scenario was true for everyone, we know that’s not the reality. The last scenario is our own. Diaper need has never been a concern for us. We have always been able to put clean, fresh diapers on our children. But what we have learned along the way is that diaper need is very real and we want to be a part of the solution.

The first two scenarios are very real to a lot of people. Diaper need is all around us. One in five Kansas City area children live in poverty. An estimated 23,000+ children in Kansas City are not receiving the diapers they need to stay clean and healthy. The reasons are endless and diaper need exists everywhere. Children who sit in dirty diapers get cranky. They cry because it’s uncomfortable and hurts. It can lead to infections and illnesses. It can lead to abuse when the baby won’t stop crying. It is not something that most people think of, especially if you have never experienced diaper need yourself.

Many people wonder why those with a diaper need do not use cloth diapers. Cloth diapers need to be rinsed out and washed several times a day or week, depending on how many you have. Most people with a diaper need do not have access to laundry facilities on a daily basis. The majority of laundromats do not allow cloth diapers to be washed for sanitary purposes.

Another question often raised is what about public assistance programs like WIC, food stamps or SNAP? Diapers are not covered under any of these programs, even though the families enrolled in these programs are the ones who often need diapers the most.


The Kyleigh’s Gift Diaper Drive distributes the collected diapers to three agencies: HappyBottoms, Lee’s Summit Social Services and North Star Baby Grace. All three of these agencies are doing amazing things within their own communities and the Kansas City area to help wipe out diaper need.


HappyBottoms is Kansas City’s Diaper Bank. They work strictly with diapers, nothing else. HappyBottoms partners with 37 local social service agencies to ensure that diapers make it onto the bottoms of those in greatest need. Qualifying babies receive either 50 diapers per month or 30 training pants per month. Families are educated on proper diapering tips, stress reducing strategies and information on potty training. HappyBottoms works to fill the diaper gap, being one piece of the puzzle when giving families a hand-up.

Kyleigh’s Gift has worked with HappyBottoms every year of the Diaper Drive and has given the majority of diapers collected to HappyBottoms.

Lee’s Summit Social Services

Lee’s Summit Social Services is a non-profit agency that benefits low income families and individuals with basic needs, such as clothing, food, school supplies, utility/rent payments, etc. Without the many volunteers from the community, LSSS would not be what it is today. Individuals and groups sort food at the food pantry, sort and tag items at the Thrift Store and help with seasonal projects, such as the Back-To-School and Christmas Store. LSSS assists those with long term needs, as well as emergency needs.

Kyleigh’s Gift donated diapers to LSSS for the first time in 2018. We chose this organization because it is in the community where we live and we wanted to bring a little bit of Kyleigh’s Gift closer to home.

North Star Baby Grace

North Star Baby Grace is one of several Baby Grace locations around the Kansas City area. North Star Baby Grace is a ministry within the North Star United Methodist Church in Kansas City, Missouri, located in the Northland. Baby Grace’s mission is to share God’s love and grace by offering material, emotional and spiritual support and development for families with young children. They hold quarterly open houses where gently used clothing, toys, baby gear, etc. are available. A small package of diapers is also given, when available. All families are welcome, as Baby Grace’s intent is to serve families who would realize a financial hardship if they were to purchase these items at full price.

Kyleigh’s Gift began donating diapers to North Star Baby Grace in 2018. We chose Baby Grace because of the wonderful work they do for families all over the Kansas City area. We focused on North Star Baby Grace because many of the families they serve are from the Liberty, Missouri area.


The Kyleigh’s Gift Diaper Drive continues through April 5, 2019. For more information on how you can donate, click here. Thank you for being a part of the diaper need solution.


It’s DIAPER Time!

Kyleigh’s Gift DIAPER Drive: March 22-April 5, 2019


In honor of Kyleigh’s 7th Birthday, we are hosting a DIAPER Drive. This is our fifth year of remembering Kyleigh through the gift of DIAPERS. Over 50,000 DIAPERS have been collected since the DIAPER Drive began in 2015.

One in five Kansas City area children live in poverty. Within this area, an estimated 23,000+ children do not receive the DIAPERS they need. Infants and toddlers who have access to clean, fresh DIAPERS are healthier and happier. Help us collect DIAPERS of all sizes, from newborn to Pull-Ups!

Normally, Kyleigh’s Gift reaches those within the Liberty Hospital community. The DIAPER Drive gives us the opportunity to reach outside of the hospital walls. Collected DIAPERS will be distributed among HappyBottoms.orgLee’s Summit Social Services and North Star Baby Grace. All DIAPERS collected will help infants and toddlers stay clean, happy and healthy.

Join us for this year’s DIAPER Drive, March 22-April 5, to honor Kyleigh on her birthday and to help provide this basic health need for so many infants and toddlers.

How can you donate?

1) Drop off locations:

Liberty Hospital
Main Lobby (look for the purple box!)
2525 Glenn Hendren Drive
Liberty, MO 64068

Under the Awning
121 E. Lexington Ave.
Independence, MO 64050

Open Tues/Wed 10:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m.
Thurs 11:00 a.m.-7:00 p.m.
Friday 10:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m.
Saturday 10:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.
Closed Sunday/Monday

2) Order online:

Amazon Wish List

Target Wish List

Diapers will be shipped directly to us when you choose the Kyleigh’s Gift shipping address. Personalize a gift receipt if you want to include your name or a special message, otherwise, the diapers are sent anonymously.

3) Online Donations

Online donations are also accepted and will go towards the purchase of additional DIAPERS. All online donations are handled through Liberty Hospital Foundation. Be sure to designate your donation towards ‘Kyleigh’s Gift.’

Thank you for helping us remember our baby girl on her 7th Birthday while keeping babies clean and dry!

Learn more:
Kyleigh’s Gift on Facebook                                                                                                                    Liberty Hospital Foundation~Kyleigh’s Gift Fund: http://www.libertyhospitalfoundation.org

**Please note that this is not an actual event that you attend. The dates of the event denote the days that we are collecting diapers and you may donate at any time during those dates.

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Nine Years Old

Today is December 18, 2018. Ten years ago today, we were enduring our second miscarriage. I have thought a lot about this day over the past week and debated many times whether to write about it, always finding an excuse not too…not enough time, nobody wants to read about that, is there really enough to say about it…the excuses kept coming.

Then I popped on Facebook tonight and saw this…


So maybe I should write about what was happening to us ten years ago.

We were on top of the world. We had the most precious 18 month old boy and had just found out on December 11, that we were expecting another baby. We were beyond excited, but also nervous. I had always wanted my first two children to be close together in age, but had already experienced one miscarriage. It was the holidays, what a perfect time to celebrate a new life, but we were nervous to share our news. We decided to tell our immediate family, but otherwise, wanted to keep the news quiet until the end of the first trimester.

After a few days, we decided to tell some close friends and spiritual mentors the good news so they could pray for us. The next morning, on December 18, 2008, we had to call these same people to ask if they could come over and stay with our son while we went to the doctor, as I woke up experiencing signs of a miscarriage. At only 5 or 6 weeks gestation, our baby was gone. Exactly one week after hearing the good news and exactly one week before Christmas, we were crushed.

For our own reasons, we decided not to share the news with anybody else that didn’t already know. This included other family and pretty much all of our friends. It’s only because of the joy in our 18 month old’s eyes that we made it through that Christmas.

With a due date of August 2009, this baby would be nine years old now. This was our third pregnancy.

Our first pregnancy also ended in a miscarriage. This happened in May of 2006. This baby had a due date of December 15, 2006, and would just be turning 12.

I’m sure the due date of one baby being December 15, and the date we lost another being December 18, plays into why this has been on my mind lately. Some years it’s more prominent than others. It wasn’t until we lost Kyleigh that we shared the details of our second miscarriage with other people. Everyone handles each loss so differently, and that’s okay. We had reservations about telling others about our second miscarriage when it occurred because of the way some people treated us after our first loss. We didn’t want to go through that again, so we kept the pain to ourselves.

So much of what we talk about and do through Kyleigh’s Gift bears Kyleigh’s name, but for us, it’s about ALL babies who have left this life too soon, at any gestational age. We continue to provide miscarriage care packages for women at Liberty Hospital and hope that this gesture provides even the smallest bit of comfort. We also hope that by receiving the care package, these women know that their baby matters, for we know that they will always know how old this child would be now.


Miscarriage Care Package


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Finding your pod

On July 24, an orca whale gave birth to a 400 pound calf just off the coast of Victoria, British Columbia, only to have her calf pass away less than an hour later. For 17 days, this mama orca carried her dead calf for miles and miles, back and forth between San Juan Island in Washington and Vancouver, British Columbia. While this is not an unusual practice for orcas, it is unusual for this ritual to last for so long. People across the country, and perhaps around the world, watched day after day as this mama orca grieved for her baby.

This story touched close to home for me and many others in the baby loss community. As a bereaved parent, I can relate to what this mama orca felt. The aching in her heart, the not wanting to let go. When my baby girl, Kyleigh, passed away at birth on April 5, 2012, I would have held onto her for 17 days and beyond. I would have swam miles and miles, just to be with her for one more day. It was heartbreaking to watch this orca grieve for her baby and then finally let her go.

When the mama orca started to grow tired and hungry, the other orcas in the pod stepped in. They began to carry the dead calf so the mama orca could eat and rest. The other orcas never left her side. For 17 days, they grieved right along side her and carried her grief as if it were their own.

I had my own “orca pod” when Kyleigh passed away. My pod came in the form of Dr. Mary Clare Reardon, who cared for me from the moment my world was turned upside down until now. My nurse, Laurie, who took on extra shifts to be by my side until I was discharged from the hospital. Family, who sat with us, planned a funeral with us and cried with us. Friends, who brought us meals, cleaned our house and helped with our other children. My pod continues to walk with me today and at certain times, still carries my grief as if it were their own, just like they did six and a half years ago.

The Kyleigh’s Gift Fund exists today because of part of my pod. We created the Fund in Kyleigh’s memory, but it was because of the loving care we received from Dr. Reardon, my nurse Laurie and others at the Liberty Hospital Birthing Center that the Kyleigh’s Gift Fund was created here, at the hospital through Liberty Hospital Foundation. They carried me when I needed rest. They cried with me and grieved with me.

My pod has changed over time, just as my grief has changed. Part of my pod now includes the Kyleigh’s Gift supporters. Family and friends who join us in remembering Kyleigh at the Run/Walk. Other bereaved parents who join us in remembering all babies gone too soon at the candlelight ceremony. People from the community who recognize the need for infant wellness education and resources, as well as parental support for pregnancy and infant loss.

The orca pod that this mama orca belongs to is dwindling. There are currently only 75 members of this pod, with the last live birth occurring in 2015. My Kyleigh’s Gift pod is growing. Every year, we reach more and more families at Liberty Hospital and within the community through the Kyleigh’s Gift SleepSack program, NICU meal vouchers, miscarriage care packages, the Diaper Drive and more. This can only be done through the support from people who are willing to carry each other.

Will you join our ever growing pod? Will you walk, or swim alongside us and other families who need support?

~Kyleigh’s mama

This originally appeared on the Liberty Hospital Foundation website on September 10, 2018.

Caring Cradle

On May 11, 2018, a Caring Cradle was donated to the Liberty Hospital Birthing Center by Liberty Hospital Foundation – Kyleigh’s Gift Fund.

Kyleigh’s parents, Foundation staff, Birthing Center staff and hospital chaplain, Rev. Dr. Carmen Lile-Henley, joined together to dedicate the Caring Cradle. Rev. Lile-Henley wrote a responsive reading and everyone placed hands on the Caring Cradle during the blessing.

The Caring Cradle is a device that allows a dignified means for parents and families to spend more time with a baby who has passed. This support tool allows families an appropriate atmosphere to say goodbye to their baby.

Thank you to Liberty Hospital Foundation, Caring Cradle and United States Cooperative Caring Campaign Initiative-SOBBS for working together to give families the gift of time during the hardest time of their lives.

For more information:

Liberty Hospital Foundation

Caring Cradle

United States Cooperative Caring Campaign Initiative-SOBBS

Where’s My Sister?

If you’ve ever watched the Disney Junior channel, and really paid attention, you’ve probably noticed that the majority of relationships between girls are that of sisters. Not friends, sisters. A few animated shows depict this, but you especially see it in the commercials and Disney advertisements.

Kyleigh’s younger sister is almost 3 1/2 years old. She loves all things princess, dolls and pink. This means we watch a lot of Disney Junior. A few months ago, when Sister would see two girls at the park, store or school, she would ask me if they were sisters. Then one day, she asked me if she had a sister. Now, if you know anything about our family, you know that we talk about Kyleigh. A lot. Sister has heard Kyleigh’s name since birth, at every holiday, as we’re planning the Run/Walk, as we’re doing the Diaper Drive. A lot. Kyleigh is not absent from our home, so when Sister asked if she had a sister, I was a little surprised. I answered with, “Of course you do, your sister is Kyleigh.”

Her reply was, “Where is she?”

I proceeded to give her the short, three year old version, and after that, the conversation ended. In my mind, she had been told about Kyleigh a lot and had a clear understanding that they were sisters.

A few weeks later, Sister started referring to a friend of hers as her sister. I gently corrected her and reminded her again of who her sister is. This has continued off and on, but it doesn’t upset me like I thought maybe it would.

With Kyleigh’s birthday being next week, and the Diaper Drive getting underway, there has understandably been more talk about Kyleigh in our house. Yesterday, Sister painted a picture. She showed it to her brothers when they got home from school. One brother asked her who the painting was for. Sister said, “I’m going to give it to Kyleigh!” Brother told her she couldn’t give it to Kyleigh, thus beginning the back and forth “yes, I can”, “no, you can’t” that siblings often do.

Then Sister asked once again, “Where is my sister?”

We explained again that Kyleigh is in heaven with Jesus. Sister replied, “But I don’t want to die.” Insert my heart breaking into a million pieces. Then Brother stepped up and took over. He explained to Sister, in only a way that children can, about why Kyleigh isn’t with us, but that she’s still their sister. Then he had a great idea. He walked Sister over to the cabinet where we keep memories of Kyleigh and proceeded to take the unused picture stand off the bottom shelf and put Sister’s painting for Kyleigh on it. Sister got excited to see her artwork displayed and was content with “giving it to Kyleigh” that way.

Every time Sister talks about sisters, my heart aches. I have a sister. I know what she’s missing. I know that some day she will understand. For now, I have to remind myself that she’s only three and none of this makes any sense to her. And it shouldn’t.

Today is Maundy Thursday. The day that six years ago, Kyleigh left us. The date changes from year to year, but Holy Week will always have an additional meaning to our family. It’s hard to believe that six years has passed. We have come a long way, but are ever so often reminded by questions of, “Where’s my sister?,” that grief will always be present. We do so much in Kyleigh’s name that sometimes I think people assume that takes the pain away. Having Kyleigh’s Gift gives us a focus, but the tears still flow.

If you feel led to remember Kyleigh on her birthday this year, please consider donating to the Kyleigh’s Gift Diaper Drive. We thank you in advance for remembering our baby girl.

Happy Easter!

A Year in Review ~ 2017

Kyleigh’s Gift highlights from 2017 …

January ~

It’s not very often that we see a rainbow in January, but on January 10, 2017, the weather was just right to make one appear in the sky.  One very faint rainbow was seen from our front yard, which is unusual because we have always seen them looking behind our house, and a double rainbow from a school playground. I haven’t updated Rainbows  in quite some time, but take a look at more rainbows that remind us of Kyleigh.


February ~

We love to see babies showing off their Kyleigh’s Gift SleepSacks! Kyleigh’s Gift continues to give every newborn at Liberty Hospital Birthing Center a fleece Halo SleepSack to take home. The lightweight cotton SleepSacks are also available in the Liberty Hospital Gift Shop in a variety of sizes.


March ~

More rainbows! On March 29, friends from Kansas City North and Liberty sent us pictures of a beautiful rainbow that could be seen about 30 miles away from our house. We continue to be touched when other people see a rainbow and think of Kyleigh.

March rainbow_Kathleen Johnston

“She was my first thought! I pulled over to take this!” -Kathleen J.


April ~

Kyleigh consumes the month of April for our family, and that’s a good thing! Many wonderful things happened in April to remember and honor Kyleigh by.

Donate Life Legacy Walk ~ April 1, 2017 – Midwest Transplant Network kicked off National Donate Life Month with the Donate Life Legacy Walk to honor donor heroes and celebrate life. It was a cold April morning, but we had a good time celebrating Kyleigh’s gift of life through heart valve donation!


2017 Donate Life Legacy Walk

Kyleigh’s 5th Birthday ~ April 5, 2017 – We celebrated Kyleigh’s 5th Birthday with a family day at a local children’s museum, followed by lunch out. Kyleigh’s siblings enjoyed playing at the children’s museum and were happy to get a day off school. Her grandparents joined us and then other family members arrived later for dinner and cake. Releasing balloons at the cemetery is a special time that we share with our children as we celebrate their sister.



Diaper Drive ~ April 5-19, 2017 – This was the third year that we celebrated Kyleigh by hosting a diaper drive to benefit HappyBottoms. Since it was Kyleigh’s 5th birthday, we decided to focus on collecting size 5 diapers. As always, our family, friends, community and strangers pulled through and sent diaper after diaper to our front door! Click here to read more about it, and to see the grand total!

Kyleigh’s Gift 5 Year Celebration ~ April 20, 2017 – This was a big night for Kyleigh’s Gift! We celebrated five years of the Kyleigh’s Gift Fund~Liberty Hospital Foundation with family, friends and supporters.

Kari Jo Thomann Bear, from Thomann Financial Services, Inc. and Liberty Hospital Foundation Trustee, presented the Kyleigh’s Gift Fund with $10,000 she received as an Asset Mark Community Inspiration award winner. With this gift, the fund has raised over $100,000 in five years! THANK YOU to Kari Jo and the Thomann family for your support!

Kari Jo Gift

Another part of the celebration was the premiere of Kyleigh’s Gift video, created by Northland CAPS students, Madi and Brenden. Watch it here: Kyleigh’s Gift Video

May ~

One piece that has been missing from Kyleigh’s Gift is support for bereaved families. We started providing support through Miscarriage Care Packages in November of 2016, but we knew that more needed to be done. We began hand-painting angels in May of 2017 for families that experience a loss at Liberty Hospital Birthing Center. The angels will be included in Memory Boxes along with photographs, hand and footprints, hand-knit hats and blankets, plus other keepsakes, provided by the Birthing Center.

June ~

Our family spent Saturday in June celebrating Kyleigh’s gift of life through her donation of two heart valves. Thank you to Midwest Transplant Network for providing lunch and family friendly activities for Donor Family Day. It is always a beautiful way to remember all who have given the gift of life!


Donor Family Day ~ June 2017

July ~

July was a quiet month at Kyleigh’s Gift. We continued to support families in need, while beginning the initial steps in planning the upcoming 4th Annual Kyleigh’s Gift Run/Walk. July is usually the calm before the storm!

August ~

Kyleigh’s Gift Page Facebook post from August 16, 2017…

“Little sister picked out purple flowers for Kyleigh today. It would have been her first day of kindergarten. A day when she’s missed a little more than usual. After helping with the flowers, little sister asked to go “see Jesus” and was quite excited when she got there, shouting, “Jesus!” over and over again. You can’t argue with that!”

September ~

September 16, 2017 … Six years ago today, our family moved from our home of 10 years to a new home located back in the town where we met and were married. I was almost 12 weeks pregnant with Kyleigh. She was with us six years ago and she showed herself today in the rainbow we saw while eating dinner to celebrate our home.


October ~

The big news for the month of October is always the Kyleigh’s Gift Run/Walk! This marked the 4th year of having a 5K Run/3K Walk, along with a candlelight service for  National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day.

The evening turned stormy and cut our activities short, but it turned out to be one of our most successful years yet with just over 300 registrants and raising $21,500! Thank you to everyone who supported the Run/Walk this year!!

Run_Walk Logo 2017

View Run/Walk photos here:

Felicity Portrait Studio, LLC

Zaftig Unicorn Photography

November ~

In the days leading up to Giving Tuesday, we launched a 12 Days of Giving campaign on Facebook to highlight all of the things that Kyleigh’s Gift is doing within Liberty Hospital and the community. Take a look here, Kyleigh’s Gift Fund, or follow the Kyleigh’s Gift Facebook Page to learn more.

December ~

2017 Kyleigh’s Gift donations at work…

An Infant Memorial adorns the walking trail at Liberty Hospital. People visit it year round, leaving flowers, decorative rocks, stuffed animals, toys, wind chimes…anything to remember their baby by. We recently discovered that the area is unknown to some and hard to locate along the trail. One of the things that we love about Kyleigh’s Gift is being able to help when there is a need. An arbor was purchased and installed at the entrance to the Infant Memorial. A big thank you to the Liberty Hospital grounds crew for their guidance and help with this project! Check it out the next time you’re at the hospital. It’s beautiful! What a way to end the year…

More Diapers!

We concluded the Kyleigh’s 5th Birthday Diaper Drive on April 19th and it was another smashing success! This is the third year that we have done a diaper drive to remember Kyleigh on her birthday and this year we focused on size 5’s since Kyleigh would have turned 5.

1 in 3 American families struggle to provide enough diapers to keep their babies happy, healthy and dry. The need for diapers in all sizes is real for many people and size 5 is a big need for HappyBottoms, the local diaper bank that receives all of the donations that are given to us. Once HappyBottoms receives a donation of diapers, the packages are opened up and repackaged into sets of 50 diapers and 30 training pants. This is the amount that each family can receive per month from one of the 35 local social service agencies that partner with HappyBottoms to get the diapers into the hands, and onto the bottoms, of those who need them. The idea behind HappyBottoms is to fill the diaper gap, not the entire need. For more information on HappyBottoms, click here. *Information obtained for this blog post courtesy of happybottoms.org



Map of local agencies that work with HappyBottoms to fill the diaper gap.


We often get asked how we are able to get so many diapers and where we put all of them. Most of the diapers are donated by family and friends who want to remember Kyleigh on her birthday. Other donations come from people who hear about the diaper drive and want to support HappyBottoms. Some donations come from people we do not know and we never know where all of the donations come from because many show up without a gift receipt or card attached. We are very thankful for those who help to spread the word, and that includes HappyBottoms and the Liberty Hospital Foundation. As for where we keep the diapers…we clear a corner of our living room and start stacking! It’s fun to watch the pile grow and a challenge to keep the children from climbing and building forts! Every time we would get a delivery, our two year old would say, “More diapers!”

Of course, we could not do this without the support of delivery drivers. Once the diaper drive gets going, we often find our front porch full of diaper boxes. And some days we get more than one large delivery. We came home on the afternoon of Kyleigh’s birthday to find the front porch full of large boxes. It’s always a fun sight to come home to! We even had a few delivery drivers stop to talk to us about Kyleigh and the diaper drive this year.

And then there’s our ever faithful helpers! Our kids love to help carry the diapers inside, open the cardboard boxes, count the diapers and add them to the ever growing diaper tower!

We delivered all of the diapers just this past weekend in the pouring rain. With help from family, we managed to get all of the diapers into three vehicles and make our way over to HappyBottoms where we had help getting all of the diapers inside. They are always so gracious and give us the grand tour, including the warehouse which is our favorite spot to see! It’s amazing to see so many diapers in one place! I should have taken a picture.


By this point, I’m sure you’re wondering how many diapers we collected this year!

The grand total …


THANK YOU to everyone who played a role in this year’s diaper drive!!! In three years, Kyleigh’s Gift has collected over 30,000 diapers!! That is amazing and we could not do it without your support!



Thank you!!!


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Kyleigh’s 5th Birthday Diaper Drive

Help us remember Kyleigh on her 5th birthday by donating SIZE 5 DIAPERS to the Kyleigh’s 5th Birthday Diaper Drive! All diapers will benefit HappyBottoms, Kansas City’s Diaper Bank.

How can you donate?

1) Leave diapers on our front porch.

2) Diapers may be dropped off in the main lobby of Liberty Hospital by the information desk.

3) Order diapers from Amazon.com: http://tinyurl.com/n2trdgy

4) Order diapers from Target.com: http://tinyurl.com/mtzbx5q

*Choose ‘Ship to Kyleigh’s Gift’ on either site and the diapers will be sent directly to us!

Thank you for joining us in remembering Kyleigh on her 5th birthday and supporting HappyBottoms!

~The Weller Family


Learn more:

HappyBottoms: www.happybottoms.org

Kyleigh’s Gift: www.kyleighsgift.com or www.facebook.com/kyleighsgift

Liberty Hospital Foundation~Kyleigh’s Gift: www.libertyhospitalfoundation.org





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A Year in Review ~ 2016

Kyleigh’s Gift Highlights from 2016 …

January ~

We start every year off by watching the Rose Bowl Parade. The theme of “Treasure Life’s Journey” was more than appropriate for the Donate Life float, which holds our rose dedication to Kyleigh, who gave the gift of life through two heart valves.


February ~

A quiet month ended on a high note when 5 babies were born at Liberty Hospital Birthing Center on Leap Day, all receiving Kyleigh’s Gift SleepSacks!

March ~

Easter 2016


April ~

Happy 4th Birthday in heaven, Kyleigh!


To celebrate Kyleigh during her birthday month, we held a diaper drive to benefit HappyBottoms. This was the second year that we honored Kyleigh’s memory with diapers and our biggest collection yet…over 13,000 diapers!!


May ~

Rainbows continue to be a source of comfort for us. Many family members and friends continue to take pictures of rainbows for us, or tell us that they saw a rainbow and thought of Kyleigh. This rainbow was seen behind our house in mid-May…always a reminder to us of God’s promise and that Kyleigh is safe in His arms.


The cemetery always looks so beautiful on Memorial Day. memorial-day_2016

Thank you to those who continue to remember Kyleigh on this day, whether it’s with pretty flowers or in your thoughts and prayers.

June ~twilight2016

We spent a beautiful Friday night in June supporting the Liberty Hospital Foundation at Twilight at the Treehouse. Over $82,000 was raised, including $11,000 to fully fund the Student Assistance Program at Liberty Public Schools. The Foundation supports many programs and services and we are honored that Kyleigh’s Gift is one of them!

July ~

The month of July kicked off the beginning of planning for the 3rd Annual Kyleigh’s Gift Run/Walk! Save the Date postcards and sponsor letters were sent out. Monthly planning meetings were put on the calendar. The excitement started to build for what was our biggest year yet!

August ~

Work continued to prepare for the 3rd Annual Kyleigh’s Gift Run/Walk, as well as the beginning stages of putting new ideas in place for how we can further the reach that Kyleigh’s Gift has in our local community. Read on to find out more!

September ~

Unspeakable Loss : We were interviewed for a two-part series on pregnancy and infant loss. This is Part 1 that was featured in the Liberty Tribune newspaper, focusing on miscarriage. The impact that Kyleigh’s Gift has on Liberty Hospital Birthing Center families is featured in both parts.

By the end of September, Kyleigh’s Gift began providing meal vouchers for breastfeeding mothers in the NICU at Liberty Missouri Hospital Birthing Center. Moms in need can use these for up to three meals per day in the hospital cafeteria. Vouchers are also being offered to families in Pediatrics who need extra help during a difficult time.

October ~

October was a big month for Kyleigh’s Gift!

Four different rainbows were seen by family and friends on Kyleigh’s half birthday, October 5th, of all days …

Love & Loss : Part two of the pregnancy and infant loss series was published. We are always honored to share Kyleigh’s story and see it in print. To view more publications, click here: Publications

The 3rd Annual Kyleigh’s Gift Run/Walk took place on October 15, 2016. The day was overcast with a few sprinkles here and there. We weren’t concerned about a rainout, but wanted the weather to hold off for the Run/Walk. Just as the 5K runners took off, the clouds parted and the sun shone bright for the remainder of the Run/Walk. It was a beautiful evening full of laughter and tears, family and friends, love and support! Event photos can be found on the Kyleigh’s Gift Facebook page.


November ~

By the end of November, the first of the Kyleigh’s Gift miscarriage care packages were distributed throughout Liberty Hospital. Social workers in the Emergency Department, OB and Surgery Center will have the care packages available for any woman facing pregnancy loss at the hospital. Thanks to many generous donations, we’ve completed 30 care packages. We hope to make this a continuing project through Kyleigh’s Gift.


December ~

Repost: Kyleigh’s 5th Christmas

Kyleigh’s Gift closed out 2016 with a very special gift for a new family. At the end of December, twins were born at the Liberty Hospital Birthing Center and were to be discharged to foster care. The foster family only had one car seat available to them. Kyleigh’s Gift purchased a second car seat, ensuring that the twins were able to be discharged to their new family.

Because of the support that Kyleigh’s Gift received in 2016, we were able to provide car seats and pack & plays in urgent situations. SleepSacks continue to go home with every baby born at the Liberty Hospital Birthing Center. SleepSacks also continue to be sold in the Liberty Hospital Gift Shop. Thousands of diapers were donated to HappyBottoms in memory of Kyleigh for her birthday. Meal vouchers are made available to families in the NICU and Pediatrics. Care Packages are given to all women facing pregnancy loss at Liberty Hospital. We are in the beginning stages of offering bereavement materials, such as books, memory boxes and memorial items for families facing a loss in the birthing center. Thank you for helping to make all of this possible! Kyleigh is making a difference.